About Us

Welcome to Aranya Agribiotech!

Aranya, although very young as an organization, has the unique privilege of borrowing rich heritage from two different organizations, each one of which was a gem in itself.

Aranya was formed as the Agri-Biotech subsidiary of Span Divergent Limited (erstwhile Span Diagnostics Limited), under their diversification strategy after having become a name to reckon with in the Human-Biotech (or in vitro diagnostics) space with a successful track record of more than 4 decades. From Span, Aranya inherits the values like uncompromising ethics, unparalleled devotion to quality and an eagerness to strive for the betterment of the society at large.

As a first step in the world of Plant Tissue Culture, Aranya Agribiotech acquired Sun Agrigenetics Pvt Ltd (SAPL) along with all its assets, intellectual property and human resources. The Bhatts (Dr Prashant and Dr Daksha) are rightly considered the pioneers of Plant tissue culture industry in India in general and Gujarat in particular. What this acquisition brought to Aranya is an extremely rich knowledge resource built gradually over 3 decades by the Bhatts. To go along with this was the reputation of SAPL as an organization which produces top-notch plants due to their strength in research and development, which was testified by the recognition received from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and numerous research projects funding that they received over the span of 2 decades. From Sun Agrigenetics, Aranya inherits the attributes like strong fundamentals based in science and research and a frugal mindset – producing more per unit resource consumed, thus improving efficiency.

Inheriting such strong value systems is certainly a big boon for any start-up, however, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility – to live up to the standards set by the predecessors. We at Aranya are aware of this and work to leave no stone unturned in order to beat the industry standards and delight the customers with our products and services.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a technologically advanced firm for providing high quality planting material through the combination of cutting edge research, optimized production and efficient marketing network world wide

Our Mission

We are a state-of-the-art agricultural facility for propagating prime varieties of commercially important plant species, aiming to improve the farm incomes by intervening at various levels through an integrated model and thus contributing towards the Indian economy. We believe in making profitable growth and create value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Uncompromising Ethics
  • Unparalleled devotion to Quality
  • Applying science and research for the betterment of the society
  • Efficiency and Frugality – producing more per unit resource consumed