Hardening In-charge

Location – Base :
South Gujarat, (Maroli, Near Navsari)

Qualification –
BSc / MSc Horticulture

Experience –
Minimum 5-7 years Experience as Hardening in-charge. Must be knowing activities like hardening of tissue culture plants , tray filling, Ex-agar planting, bag filling, grading, spraying, fustigation, watering, spraying, applying remedies in  case of contamination etc…

Basic Computer knowledge with respect to MS word and Xls

If experienced in hardening of tissue culture Banana, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Tindora-Parvar, Lemon, Pappaya seed germination technique- shall be added advantage

Preferred Age –
25 – 35 years

Job description

  • Set up Hardening centre as per need
  • Maintain hardening centre in well organised manner which includes facility maintenance, storage, inventory maintenance with respect to plantlets, to adhere to fertigation, watering schedules and other storage of hardening materials
  • Carry out Primary and Secondary hardening activities. Also to carry out Nursery multiplication activities and Seed germination activities
  • Prepare as well as improve on existing Standard Operating Procedures, checklists to maintain hardening centres and hardening methods. To review mortality rates and to achieve targeted rates and aim for improvement in targeted mortality rates
  • To carry out various Primary and secondary hardening activities for all Tissue culture crops including tray filling, ex-agar planting, bag filling, grading, spraying, fustigation, watering and spraying schedules etc.
  • To identify contamination if any and promptly apply the remedies. To implement the techniques where by abnormal losses are avoided during hardening
  • To economise hardening and dispatching operations.
  • To implement the recommended practices at remote hardening centres and to develop reports and monitor the activities, ensuring efficient working of each hardening centre having overall responsibility of all the hardening centres, including dealer’s hardening centres.
  • Execution of timely deliveries of primary hardened plants from greenhouse by co-ordinating with sales/marketing staff for dispatch of secondary hardened plants to farmers after getting confirmation date of dispatch against each sales order for hardened/ required plants and deliver the same promptly with adequate care . Coordination and dispatch of Primary and secondary hardened plants as per schedule and as per quality norms
    Train labours to carry out various activities efficiently
  • To implement productivity measures with labour in hardening area and ensure optimum resource utilisation and controlling mortality during hardening and packing
  • To do production planning for Tissue culture hardened plants, seed germination technique related plants , cutting plants and do resource planning and timely submission of plan for plantlets production to the management
  • To analyse customer complaints and take actions for avoiding recurrence of the same. In case of complaints, visit the customer and solve the problems and guide them.
  • To ensure all hardening centre’s inventory management (correct numbers of physical plants, correct mortalities, analysis for the mortalities, trends analysis etc…)
  • To maintain correct inventories in computer system, such that physical vs book inventories are maintained correctly and report the same to Commercial Manger at defined interval or stage.
  • To conduct experiments in consultation and in coordination with technical hierarchies
  • To do detailed budgeting for the department
  • To prepare operational reports as asked by management
  • To source economic transporters, do contracts and ensure that economically plantlets are transferred to destination
  • To source affordable quality packaging material for hardening and packing and implement the same
  • To run Plug manufacturing machine efficiently, maintain the same, economise the cost of plugs, supply as per the orders
  • Shall be responsible for efficient and economical logistics of Material

Type of Job –
Part – Time

CTC Range –
Up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh/Annum

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